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Check out some of my MIDI compositions and arrangements here. These tunes have been created with Cakewalk Pro Audio, a Roland SoundCanvas DB7 and the YAMAHA PSR-4500 keyboard.

Here is a list of my MIDI music that you can download or play while online. Titles marked with are available as MP3-audiofiles and can be downloaded by clicking on the symbol. 

My MIDI SongsI like Jazz music with clear melodies, extravagant arrangements and soft improvisation parts. The Sunshine In Your Eyes (size: 53.173 bytes) is an example for the kind of music I'm talking about.  It is supposed to be a sunny, jazzy tune. Enjoy it!
This composition, Spring In Hamburg (size: 31.692 bytes), created in March 1996, wants to send an impression of Hamburg in the springtime to you. It's a straight Jazz Pop Shuffle and a tribute to my city.
With this rearrangement of Feelings (size: 24.109 bytes), written by Morris Albert, I tried to play a little bit with soulful up- and downbeats. Check it out!
If you like the combination of House Music with the Acid Jazz Style, then Houseproud Mrs. Petty (size: 30.217 bytes) is for you! Let me know what you think!
Exotic harmonies and rhythms of the night...that shall express Night Ride (size: 15.684 bytes). It contains some Jazz and Funk elements. This tune uses your synthesizer's TR-808 drumset if available. I think it should sound quite good with standard drums, too.
A quiet 3/4 beat Jazz piece with rich strings, some exotic harmonies and tempo changes, that is Night Till Dawn (size: 11.212 bytes). Enjoy!
And now enjoy Groove Proof (size: 21.136 bytes), supposed to be a driving dance tune, with a large-scale drum track.
Take Drive-In Cinema (size: 21.548 bytes), if you like the mixture of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Pop. Tape it and play it when you go to the movies next time!
As I'm a fan of 80's Black Music, here is Love Waves (size: 40.293 bytes), a soul piece. What do you think?
70's Philly Style, that is Soul City (size: 51.983 bytes). Enjoy and comment!
I have a distinct imagination what Jazz Funk is. This imagination has been rendered in Freak's Place (size: 18.025 bytes), created in October 1996. You might discover weird and surprising sounds and a very active bass and drum line. Join the Freak's Place, come there after midnight!
Imagine a sunny sunday in Ipanema with Ipanema Sunday (size: 25.157 bytes), This is a jazzy Bossa Nova piece. Check it out!

Please drop me a line if you want to post any of the MIDI files on your homepage. I don't expect any fee (if non-commercial use), but I'd like to know where else my music is published.

last revision: 2007/02/10